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Classic Programme of mixed life insurance offers:  
1. life insurance,  
2. savings with profit,  
3. financial protection for the third life age in case they live until it expires and  
4. financial protection of the family (successors) in case of death.  

This programme of life insurance enables you to insure in case you live until it expires or in case of death.  In both cases, the user is paid the agreed sum and the profit made until then. Main conditions for life insurance:

- the insured may be healthy persons from 14 to 75 years old;  
- insurance is agreed on the period from 10 to 25 years;  
- minimal annual premium from €200.  

Additional insurance in case of disability  
Along with the Classic Programme you may also agree on additional accident insurance in case of permanent disability. This insurance with the aforementioned programme of life insurance offers financial protection to the insured in case of permanent disability caused by an accident, and compensation for every day spent in hospital healing the injuries caused by the accident.

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