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Business system of Jahorina Insurance is made of “Jahorina Insurance” Plc and "Jahorina Auto" Ltd. 'Jahorina Insurance'' is a founder and owner of 28% capital assets of the Company for Management of IF ''Jahorina Konseko Progres'' Plc Pale and it is the biggest individual shareholder of this Company. Besides the Head Office in Pale and 8 affiliates of Jahorina Insurance with 35 branch offices all around Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is also a network of 25 technical stations of Jahorina Auto at Your disposal.
• Jahorina Insurance Plc manages its affairs according to the highest standards of quality systems, and it owns ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate of Quality Management System received by TÜV Nord Cert GmbH.
Svetosavska 24, Pale  
tel: 057/201-320  
fax: 057/201-321  
General Director of Jahorina Insurance is Ph.D Miroslav Miškić.

• ''Jahorina Auto'' LTD is a separate legal person, whose founder and owner is Jahorina Insurance with 100% capital share. The company is specialized in technical check-ups of vehicles. The company has a widespread network of technical stations for vehicles all around the Republic of Srpska.  
Bosne srebrne br. 29   
tel: 049/216-981, 057/201-680, 057/201-681  
Director is Mirko Kosorić, Graduate in Economics.

• Company for Management of IF ''JAHORINA KONSEKO PROGRES'' Plc
Dobrosava Jevđevića bb, Pale   
tel/fax: +387 57 201 640   
Director of the Company is Njegoš Krajišnik.
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