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(SARAJEVO/BANJA LUKA, DECEMBER 01, 2014) As from today, December 1, 2014, Jahorina osiguranje VIG is formally starting to conduct business under the new name WIENER OSIGURANJE VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP ad Banja Luka. Wiener osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group is a part of the leading insurance Group in Central and East Europe, which generates annual premium volume of over nine billion Euros, employs over 25 000 people and has the annual profit of over 500 million Euros. 
Vienna Insurance Group - VIG Group follows its business strategy of relying on the sustainable development while it aims for continuous and long term increase of revenues and premiums, and in Wiener osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group they have an excellent partner for reaching of our business goals.
After successful takeover of Jahorina osiguranje by the VIG Group, a new, third chapter, in its development is beginning.
«With the strength and the experience of the Group, but also with transfer of know how we are receiving, and with our domestic experience, we are willing and able to offer a new quality and services to the market, different and better care for the property of our clients, and this was proved in best way in recent floods when we paid over BAM 60 million in claims», said Miroslav Miskic, General Director of the Wiener osiguranje Vienna Insurance Group ad Banja Luka.
By following the dynamic and positive changes in business operations, also the corporate seat of the Wiener osiguranje VIG in BiH is moved and it is located in Banja Luka now, and very soon this will be presented also to the clients, business partners, media and the general public. «We are expecting that in the time before us we will make a strong contribution to the development of the insurance market, but also to our company with a new name now - Wiener osiguranje. At the same time, we emphasize that the policies of all our clients, issued under the name of Jahorina osiguranje, shall remain valid until their expiration», Mr. Miskic pointed out.
Jahorina osiguranje after over two decades of operations under this name has built a network of 8 Branch offices and over 50 sales locations and Field offices throughout the BiH, it employed 214 people, and provided services to 100 thousand clients, and it had a noticeable share on the insurance market with premium in total value of over BAM 30 million.
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